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Latest improvements in Access Control security!

Nowadays everything changes in the blink of an eye. Maybe you don’t feel like you need any improvement around your office, but have you realized the fact that systems, software, equipment and gadgets you’ve been using (maybe for several years now) might be outdated? In today’s world, catching up with latest solutions can make your business safer and more effective.

What about improving your business’ security and safety? As an employer or manager, it’s really important to monitor the movement of your employees and visitors. You should consider limiting and managing unauthorised access to your office. You may like your old, overused security card, but you’d be really surprised how the newest access control equipment has improved!

Today’s access control systems are safer, faster and can give you more information about movement of your employees and visitors within your business. You can choose from key-cards, codes/passwords and biometric (such as fingerprint) scanning devices to secure your business and property.


access control systems

In the near future biometric access control systems using fingerprints, retina scanning, facial recognition, or other biometrics may totally replace the traditional systems. Take for example the latest innovation from Norway called Zwipe.

It is a fingerprint scanning card that connects wirelessly with your access control system. It can be only used by one person, because it’s linked to their fingerprint, so no one else can use the same key. Future biometric access systems will give you total control to verify your employees or visitors identity.

Combined with CCTV Cameras and intercoms, access control systems can give you all information about people and vehicles entering your property. Doesn’t matter how small or big is your company, we guarantee you’ll feel more at ease and in control after installing or upgrading your system. Feel free to call us on 1300 303 506 with any questions today!

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