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5 Steps toGreat Customer Care | Trojan TechGroup - CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic CablingTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

5 Steps toGreat Customer Care

Providing remarkable customer service is essential in any customer oriented business and it is expected in every company that offers products or services. At a basic level, customer service is simply meeting the needs of the customers. However, as the world grows and customers are faced with more and more choice, they don’t service that just meets their needs, they want someone who is willing to go that extra mile, above and beyond their expectation and basic requirements.

Let’s borrow Ron Kaufman’s Stairway to Superior Service – with a twist and taste of TrojanTechGroup’s own flavour.

1. The first step is to provide the service. No more, no less. It is as basic, as “Pay as you order”. It is a service rendered as part of a duty or a job. Period.
2. Next, is the Customer Expectation step. It is expected for the customer service representative to be well groomed, approachable and to answer every inquiry will produce mastery leaving the customer with a smile and no questions un-answered.
3. The Customer Satisfaction box is doing everything in your power to make the customer happy with honesty and integrity – no misrepresentation and no false hopes given. Overpromising and failing to deliver is a common issue experienced by many customers in their lifetime. It is important as a customer service representative to stay accountable – to do what you say, deliver on promises and generally provide a rock-solid service model that customers can rely upon.
4. The fourth step is Customer delight. It is whenabove and beyond is your “reasonable” service. It’s the willingness to go the extra mile for your customers. It is not just filling orders, but taking the time to make sure that the original concern that drove the customer to you in the first place, has been addressed. It’s not just installing cables and structures but also cleaning as you go and making sure that you don’t leave any mess behind. You don’t leave the customer wondering why the job wasn’t done properly.
5. The last step is when you give what is called the “ultimate customer” experience. It’s leaving the customer with “customer nirvana”feeling. Customers are not only left feeling happy and satisfied, they become advocates of your products and services. They are left with a surprising “nirvana” feeling because you have exceeded their needs and expectations and as a result they are always willing to recommend you. The perfect customer experience is a series of intercommunications that consistently exceed the needs and expectations of a customer.
To sum up, this illustration demonstrates the importance of not just delivering basic customer service but instead providing a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. A customer experience involves emotion and delivering customer service from the heart, because service that comes from the heart is the best service.
The aim of everyone at Trojan TechGroup, is to provide REMARKABLE SERVICE, INNOVATION and QUALITY products and services from the heart, that you can rely on. We want you to have a feeling of certainty (that customer nirvana feeling) and we strive to make sure that our processes, people, products and services provide exactly that.

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