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A Bright Idea that makes the Light Bulb Brighter | Trojan TechGroup - CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic CablingTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

A Bright Idea that makes the Light Bulb Brighter

The light bulb is one of the brightest inventions of all time as it has impacted the lives of people all around the world and to this day it is still just as useful. Light bulbs come in various shapes, sizes, and brightness and are used by practically everyone. They have made it easier for people to live and work conveniently in their homes and businesses without the light of day.

Since the invention of the light bulb in the 1800’s, there really hasn’t been any huge changes -switch on, switch off, flicker then blow out.Well…. Not anymore!

An Australian Entrepreneur, Phil Bosua reinvented the humble light bulb and together with his Kickstarter team, they have produced the world’s smartest, multicolored energy efficient light bulb that can be controlled by a smartphone. From your device, you can adjust the brightness according to different scenarios (such as dinner lighting). This very clever light bulb even has the ability to detect when a person is around and on the run, and adjust the lighting according to preference.
It’s also multi-coloured so you can even turn your bedroom into a disco house by synchronizing the colored lights to any kind music played on your phone. It also comes with a commercial application for music bars, coffee shops and the like. You can screw it into any light emitting device and it’s extremely energy-efficient, lasting up to 25 years.It lets users set on and off times and mood lighting by using a smartphone app. Forgot to turn the lights off? No problem! Open up your app from anywhere and flick them off. What’ more, it is Wi-Fi ready and it has the capacity to get social media notifications – letting you know your loved has sent you a message by way of quivering lights. For the first time in 100 years, you have total control of your lighting.

Bosua had never expected that the project, which started out as a mere hobby, will be this phenomenal reaching more than $500,000 just on its second day of crowd-funding, exceeding his $100,000 goal for this project. The minimum pledge decided upon by more than 900 backers is $US69 for 1 light bulb including shipping to Australia, Canada or the US.
This smart light bulb is called LIFX and ordering of its second batch will be made available thefirst quarter of 2013. For more details, check out their site at http://lifx.co/ and to get updates on the product, please like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lifxlabs/info .
We basically turn the lights on and off on autopilot now, but how much fun will it be with this great new technology? Lighting up our homes and offices will be easier, more enjoyable and very entertaining.All made possible by alight bulb that’s controlled by a smartphone from within the home, or from anywhere with an internet connection. With this clever idea, light bulb technology has never been brighter.


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