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Take your business presentation to whole new level with a1 eBoard!Trojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Take your business presentation to a whole new level with an A1 eBoard!

Wondering how you can change your business presentation to look more attractive and interesting?

Try to engage your clients and your team with this hot new piece of interactive technology known as an eBoard!

A1 Eboard

What is it?

Eboards are integrated LED Interactive Touch Screens that utilise Optical Sensor Technology. They are basically like an all-in-one touchscreen monitor (imagine an 82 inch iPad) that links all the advantages of a projector, whiteboard and TV with the added versatility of a computer – it runs any application your PC or laptop runs!


Reap the exciting benefits!

They have limitless applications, and can provide you with countless benefits regardless of whether you’re a teacher utilising your eBoard for education purposes, or a manager hoping to enhance your boardroom conferences. If that wasn’t enough functionality, they can even be used as interactive information kiosks for your customers. Eboards are accurate, responsive and sensitive while delivering full 1080p high definition images with high brightness, high contrast and great picture quality. You can get full advantage of open applications, navigate the web, type information using the virtual keyboard or live-update the displayed information with the included pen tool.


You can see video a demo here.

A1 Eboard presentation

They are really easy to use. You can simply plug an A1 eBoard into your laptop, PC or Mac via USB cable or connect wirelessly to your tablet for total control. The great advantage is that they allow you to access and manage your content directly over your corporate network or the Internet.


The A1 eBoard is reliable and durable with a lifespan of 30,000 hours  (or about 15 years when used 8 hours/day – every week day) The sizes are as follows:


55 Inch
65 Inch
70 Inch
84 Inch


Please see the Brochure for full specifications.
Latest big news!

Have you ever thought about using eBoards for video conferencing but the prices scared you off? Soon with the help of Google Apps and chromebox you will be able to meet anyone on any device with just one click! Great news for those who want to start arranging meetings. You can have up to 15 participants by using this easy-to-manage system with the latest features and security fixes and our friends at IT genius can get you connected with Google Apps.


Partnering with A1 eBoard, Trojan TechGroup can help you present your business in new exciting way with eBoard installation. Give us a call today on 1300 303 506 and ask for your own personal demonstration of this fantastic innovative technology.

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