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Using Chromebook if you're always rushing around might be good idea!Trojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Is your work efficiency being limited by paperwork while you’re away from the office?

I was sitting in a café on Macquarie Street, waiting for my meeting and wondering: what can I do with 15 minutes? I couldn’t catch up with my paperwork which I left in the office and I didn’t want to sit there doing nothing! I’m busy, and I was wondering, how could I use this time most effectively?

My yoga friends would probably advise to take 10 minutes of zen and meditate :-) but that’s probably a story for another time! Today I am looking for a way to be more effective right now.

A Chromebook could be the answer!


Then it occurred to me, I could whip out my Chromebook and do some digital paperwork done on the go! I carry it with me because it’s light and easy to take anywhere (a bit like a tablet with a keyboard), and it has heaps of battery life, so it gets me through the whole day and I am connected almost instantly. Also, it doesn’t have a hard drive, so it won’t clog up and slow down over time! And… They are cheap enough that if I lose it, I can just go get another one, and I’m back up online… without losing any of my documents and information stored, because it’s all on the “cloud”! Don’t get me started on the “cloud”… we all know we don’t store our data on a bloody cloud, it’s really in a data centre somewhere.


Samsung ChromebookSamsung Chromebook 


To be honest, I don’t love many gadgets (I’m not the sort of person who will go out and buy the new iphone just for the sake of having the latest version), but I do love technology and what it allows us to do, and I think the Chromebook is a real innovation in that sense.


Always rushing around?


Though it’s entirely Google-based (meaning you won’t be able to run any browsers other than Chrome and you’re restricted to Google Docs for word processing), and you can’t install third party programs like Photoshop or Skype, I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a cheap way to get online without any of the painful hours of initial setup. 
Sometimes it takes you 5 minutes for your laptop to fire up, with my Chromebook it loads so quick, and I can have 5 minutes worth of emails or other work done in the 5 minutes it takes my laptop to fire up.  It’s especially great for people whose businesses are cloud-based or for those people who are always on the move!

If you have any questions about how they work, then please feel free to contact me or Trojan TechGroup’s team on 1300 303 507.
Troy Eggins
Managing Director
Trojan TechGroup

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