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Eco Electrician Tip: Save Power, Save Money, Save the Earth

As Eco Electricians, we at Trojan TechGroup really care about our impact on the environment. However, we have found that many people do not realise that “going green” has another benefit; Eco friendly can also mean wallet friendly! Yes folks, our Eco friendly practices can also lead to hundreds of dollars worth of savings each year. Follow these tips and save some money off your electricity bill while doing the earth a favor.

Seal it!

Over one-third of the energy you use goes to heating and cooling your home. Unfortunately, because of poorly sealed door and window frames, much of this energy, in the form of cooling or heating that escapes your office or home, is wasted. Yes, it is as if you are letting money out of your doors and windows! The solution is simple though. Stripping your doors and windows with inexpensive rubber, silicon or other polymer-based sealants can slash up to $160 off of your electric bill each year. Installing insulation is another great way of keeping your home or office cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Cool down.

Using the cold water setting on your washing machine saves you a total of $124 annually because you spend less power on heating the water. In addition, this is a good clothing care practice. Check your clothes’ tags; you will notice that most of them recommend cold water wash. Cold water helps prevent the fading of vibrant colors and prints. Not only you save by cutting power consumption, you also save by keeping your clothes looking new for longer.

Switch it off!

One way you can save money is to switch off your electrical appliances at the wall. You can do this manually or install a timer. It’s amazing how much energy your appliances use in standby mode.

Here is a table from the South Australian Government to give you an idea:


Average energy use

Typical running cost per year

Cordless phone

3 W



10 W


DVD player

8 W


Computer monitor

5 W


Change to Environmental Lighting!

e: 13px; line-height: 19px;”>Incandescent bulbs don’t last as long and they consume up to 10 times more electricity as LED’s. Swapping light globes over to energy efficient LED’s or CFL’s is one of the simplest ways to save  money off your power bill. Talk to Trojan TechGroup about the government rebate for green lighting installs and save money on your energy efficient lighting installation too!


There you have it ladies and gentlemen – four tips which could save you hundreds of dollars each year. The ‘eco’ in eco friendly does not exclusively mean ecological; it also means ECONOMICAL! Go ahead… Save the earth and keep a few bucks in the process.


If you need any assistance getting your eco-friendly lighting or timers installed, talk to Trojan TechGroup, your accredited Eco Smart Electrician.

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