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Ecosmart Electricians and CCTV Installers discuss recycling at work easilyTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Ecosmart Electricians and CCTV Installers discuss how to recycle at work easily

As Ecosmart Electricians and CCTV installers, it saddens us to see old computers, CCTV equipment, printers or monitors piled up at the back of offices or dumped in the landfill bins.


Recycling at work can be difficult, and sometimes expensive, especially for a small business. People tend to either keep all of their old equipment or just toss it into landfill, simply because they don’t know where it can be recycled or don’t want to spend the money.


Ecosmart Electricians and CCTV installers



However, there is really an easy way to deal with any kind of waste that your business is producing. Just go to the “Business Recycling website” where you can find all information about free recycling services in Australia. There is also Drop Zone website that shows you where you can drop off your e-waste for FREE!


What products are accepted?
You can drop off all kind of televisions, computers and monitors, electronic equipment, lighting, CCTV equipment, chemicals, liquids, plastics and more. You can find the list of all suitable products on the Business recycling and Drop Zone websites.


We at Trojan TechGroup care about being green

At Trojan TechGroup, being green  is important to us because we value taking responsibility for how we impact the lives of others, including the lives of those that are to live on the planet after we are gone. We also encourage you to try as well… check out our impromptu video of our thoughts on earth hour! You don’t have to put a lot of effort in, but it gives you a really good feeling to know that you are helping to keep our environment cleaner and safer so the planet continues to be livable (hopefully) for another few million years.

We also recycle pretty much everything we can including all our scrap wiring, scrap metal and light globes as well as recycling cardboard, plastics, cans and bottles. This means when you choose Trojan TechGroup, you are know your electronic and general waste is being disposed of in a thoughtful way.


Trojan TechGroup are certified EcoSmart Electricians and we were finalists in the 2012 Better Business Partnership awards for sustainability.


Ecosmart Electricians and CCTV installers


If you have any questions about safe and sustainable energy management or environmental management.

Alternatively, maybe you’d like to chat to one of our CCTV installers about a new system (and environmentally disposing of your old system).


Whatever your query call us on 1300 303 506, so we can help you save energy and save the environment at the same time.


Trojan TechGroup: Making connections that are built to last. Call 1300 303 506

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