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Problematic electrical contractor in Sydney? Consider this!Trojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Problematic electrical contractor in Sydney? Consider this!

Have you ever gotten into a disagreement with your local electrical contractor in Sydney about a completed job that didn’t quite match your expectations or specifications? If your answer was yes, then I think you would be pleased to hear that it’s not your fault, and yet such disagreements occur all too often in this industry (nearly always costing you a bombshell!)


Despite what you might have thought, it is the electrical contractor’s duty and responsibility to ensure that their workers completely understand and follow your requirements. If you are not receiving such service, then you have a problem!


This is when the use of a “proposal” can make everything simpler and more time efficient! It should concisely describe what your end result will be, without listing every nitty gritty detail (and probably boring you to death). It is a mutual process that ensures your ideas for the job are in sync with the contractor’s BEFORE any solid agreements are made.


“Disagreements here [during the proposal stage] are cheap, disagreements later cost a fortune.”
–Seth Godlin (2013)


Electrical Contractor in Sydney


Many electrical contractors in Sydney will often skip out on writing a proposal for you due to the fear that it may end the project before it’s even started; in other words, they are putting their interests over yours! Here at Trojan TechGroup, we know that establishing parameters is an important precursor to undertaking a project, as there’s no point starting something that isn’t aligned with your goals. We’ve found from over twenty years in the industry, that proposals drastically increase the success ratio of jobs, no questions asked.


Take some of our previous clients Coregas CCTV and Hoyts Safety as an example. Due to clear communication and an effective proposition, by the time a price was disclosed, there was no confusion as to whether our offerings matched their needs. Realising that there was little risk for in undertaking the project with us, the entire process went smoothly (without any disagreements about costs). This could be you!


Electrical Contractor Sydney


While some electrical contractors in Sydney do make the effort to incorporate proposals into their action plan, many just get them cut and pasted together and thus they are not really what the client is after. We at Trojan TechGroup take this stage very seriously and work hard to tailor your proposal specifically to YOUR SITUATION.


There are no set templates for job types. Every client’s needs are different. Every job is different. Every proposal is different. Best of all, we guarantee you will receive NO SURPRISES when working with us!


Call us today (1300 303 506) to receive a quote for all your required electrical services!

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