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Safe Practices in Electrical Maintenance: A Matter of Life or Death

While most employers emphasise the importance of safe practices in electrical maintenance within the workplace, these practices tend to become habitual over time for older, more experienced workers; this creates a potential hazard for younger individuals who may not be well-educated about the risky nature of certain situations.


“Most people become complacent towards electricity because of its regular use in our daily lives, however it’s only when something goes wrong, that we realise what power is behind it.”


electrical maintenance sign


The catalyst:

Picture an electrical contractor (with perhaps twenty or more years of practical experience in the industry) who is currently supervising a team of electricians (one of whom is a relatively inexperienced 17-year-old apprentice named Tim Martin). They are in the process of servicing signs for a chain of fast food outlets across Queensland, and the contractor has deemed it as a relatively “safe” job (as these signs can be isolated from the main power lines). This probably seems like a pretty standard day for any electrical maintenance  job.


The result:

The big difference between this job and others is that at some point during the day, Tim is assigned by the contractor to go on the elevated work platform unsupervised. A spotter could have pointed out to Tim the inherent danger of the platform’s position; that the large aluminium rods he was transporting to the site would enter the exclusion zone of the high voltage power lines, resulting in a massive electrical current arcing energising the machinery to which Tim was exposed.



How this could affect you:

Tim’s death is just one of many electrical-related tragedies occurring every year, which could have been prevented through closer supervision and guidance. An increasing problem currently occurring across Australia is the large number of unlicensed and uninsured contractors conducting electrical maintenance  jobs with similar hazards and risks. How does this affect you as a business? By hiring such a contractor (even unknowingly), you may become liable for any incidents (however large or small) that occur on the job!


“Electricity is a great servant but a bad master, it must be respected.” – Anonymous


As a fully licensed and insured contractor with eighteen years of hands-on experience, Trojan TechGroup strives to ensure the safety of its workers at all times (never permitting work on live sites) – at the same time ensuring optimal care for you and your business! Tim’s story makes clear the necessity of effective communication and common sense in order to prevent hazards; attributes which we pride ourselves on. In contrast to many tradesmen who mindlessly follow standardised procedures for every job, our team is constantly engaged in solving your problem in a safe, efficient and intuitive manner.



Call us today (1300 303 506) to receive a quote for all your required electrical maintenance services!





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