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Green is IN

Do you drive to work every day? Do you leave appliances running unnecessarily, computers at work? TV’s at home? Do you throw plastics bottles, cardboard, ewaste and furniture you no longer want into landfill? Then you are part of the reason why mother earth is on “red alert”.

People have been warned many times of global environmental problems such as abuse of natural resources, nuclear issues, climate change, pollution and the like. For the past decades, we have heard of people dying from floods, tsunami and natural calamities and yet most of us are deaf and numb and blind and continue on with our destructive ways. Unless we all start to pitch in and take some responsibility, we will pay for our careless actions.
The time is upon us to make a change, think GREEN and have an environmentally sound lifestyle. How? It’s very simple, little actions count a lot.

• We can start by turning off the lights, fans and other electronic items when not in use. Switch off your computer monitor when you’re not on your desk. Have your washing machine and air conditioner checked on a regular basis. This will consume lesser energy and reduce contribution to global warming. Whilst also saving you a great deal on your power bill!

• Plastic bags are out; Recyclable material and/or paper bags are IN. Use them, instead.

• To save on papers, go paperless. Unsubscribe to bank and billing statements and magazines (there are plenty of e-books available),don’t print out all your e-mails. Just view them online. These small actions can lessen pollution and save a huge number of trees.

• Walk or ride a bicycle (whenever possible!), instead of taking your car. This is not only good
for your health but also helps to save you money on petrol. You could also look into GoGet vehicle share and get rid of your car altogether, we make use of GoGet here at Trojan TechGroup and we find it to be a truly fantastic program. http://www.goget.com.au/

• Do not buy products that cause the destruction of forest areas as this reduces the habitat for many of the world’s most endangered animals and plants. Palm oil is just one example of products to stay away from. Rainforest degradation caused by palm oil plantations has created a serious loss of habitat for the one of the world’s most critically endangered species,the Orangutan.

• Reduce, reuse and recycle- this is the mantra for rubbish. Be responsible with your garbage, don’t litter – anything you throw in the gutter usually gets washed down the drain and ends up at sea. Many people aren’t aware but because of the way the ocean moves all the majority of trash that gets washed out to sea ends up in one place, the North Pacific Gyre.

We should try to throw as little as possible into landfill, if possible, make use of your local recycling scheme and separate biodegradable from non-biodegradable materials. You can then place biodegradable items into nifty products like the Bokashi Bucket to make beautiful nutrient rich soil for your garden.

• Above all, we really must focus on spreading the gospel of the green. We must work together to educate our children, family and friends on the importance of nature and the effects of our actions. You could even take part in community environmental projects or donate some time to a charity.

GREEN is IN. Let’s all do our part in caring for the environment. It only takes simple and small actions. We don’t need to make drastic changes, but we all have to be aware and make a conscious effort towards saving Mother Earth. When all of us start making these little changes, the cumulative efforts will result in a much better world for us and for our children’s children to live in.

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