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Green Technology Apps for your Smartphone

Green technology is the way of the future! If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your ecological footprint, then the answer is right under your fingertips! Whip out your smart phones and tablets and check out these apps which will definitely give you the “green touch.”

1. EcoCharge

The idea behind this app is simple but brilliant. It provides the user with an alert as soon as the gadget is fully charged. With this app, you do not have to worry about over-charging your phone or tablet which saves power and increases your device’s battery life. EcoCharge also gives you eco-friendly tips while keeping you connected with your favorite gadgets.

2. EcoFootprint

This app allows you to compute your own ecological footprint using statistics from the World Wildlife Foundation. Calculate your daily energy consumption, your car’s carbon emissions, and even the distance travelled by the food products you consume. The app also shares practical tips on reducing your environmental footprint.

3. GoodGuide

This app helps users assess their environmental and social performance by assigning ratings to various products and companies. This application allows you to scan products at a store and tells you if they are safe, healthy, green, and “ethical.” After scanning, the application tells you if the product “passed” or “failed” and offers better alternatives. Use the app to browse through a database of over 170,000 food, personal hygiene and home care products and to find out the most environmentally friendly item in each category. GoodGuide also includes a barcode scanner which provides details such as the nutritional value, energy efficiency and ingredients of various products.

4. GreenMeter

GreenMeter calculates your car’s power and fuel usage characteristics, evaluates your driving and offers suggestions to increase your vehicle’s efficiency. The app can help you reduce fuel consumption and lower your environmental impact.” It also displays information in real time while you drive.

5. iGreenpeace

Through this app, you can join Greenpeace — one of the world’s most respected environmentalism organizations — in supporting and promoting its various advocacies. With “Alex the Penguin” as your guide, you can play Plenty of games, read global environmental news from Greenpeace, gain opportunities to donate, and support the organization’s campaigns.

6.  iGrowIt

Not all of us are blessed with the green thumb but with this app, we can begin to grow our own herb and vegetable garden at home. iGrowIt provides users with a guide in choosing the vegetables and herbs, detailed planting instructions, tips on growing seasonal crops, and an illustrated crop selector to get you started right away.

7. iViro

iViro allows users to create more eco-friendly living spaces. With this app, you can perform a customized energy analysis of your home’s heat, cooling, electricity, water and appliance energy consumption patterns with annual costs and carbon dioxide emission levels. It also provides energy-saving strategies which will make your home more environmentally and economically friendly.

8. RecycleBank

RecycleBank rewards its users for making eco-friendly choices. You can collect points when you recycle, purchase green products and make your water and energy consumption more efficient. You can also use the app to order rewards using your accumulated points.

9. WalkScore

One of the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint is through walking. With WalkScore, you can calculate the distance of nearby locations and look at maps of places accessible by foot. You can also use the app’s locator to find housing or rentals near places you visit frequently, allowing you to walk more, and drive less.

10. WaterPrint

This app from Water Efficiency magazine provides you with an interactive platform to learn about your water footprint and to reduce your water consumption. WaterPrint calculates how much water you use across four categories: food, beverages, products, and household items.  Users can search through items by category or alphabetically. You can also use the app’s “total” function calculator to compare the water footprint of various items.

We don’t immediately become eco-geniuses. It takes time, effort, and education to get there, which is why these apps are great places to start. There is no creating water-powered gadget chargers or learning to make a dress out of recycled paper; just practical and simple tips that are easy for us to implement in our daily lives. Whether it is calculating our personal carbon and water footprint, walking instead of using the car a few times a week, buying eco-friendly products, learning how to recycle for the first time, or something as simple as unplugging a fully-charged device; these green technology apps can help us reduce our ecological footprint and are definitely the way of the future!

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