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Celebrating the Horses Birthday

Did you know that all horses in Australia have the same birthday? Does that sound weird to you?

Well, actually it is interesting but true. 1st of August is the birthday of all horses in Australia and the southern hemisphere.


I bet you are wondering… “How can all horses be born on the same date?”

They were actually not born on the same date, but all their birthdays are accepted as 1 August. So today is horses birthday.


horse birthday


Why August 1st?

Race horses are compared according to their age.


So… to make it easy, all racehorses have the same birthday of August first, making them unique.


You all know that our logo, our name and what we stand for were, in fact, based around a very famous horse (The Trojan Horse) which was built to invade the city of Troy – the horse made that task really easy to achieve success!


At Trojan Tech Group, we also believe that making things really easy is important for success.

So happy birthday to horses everywhere!


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