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Small Business Technology Panel DiscussionTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Small Business Technology Panel Discussion

In October 2014, a panel discussion was held on the topic “ small business technology ”.


Troy Eggins, managing director of Trojan TechGroup, had the honour and pleasure of being part of this discussion.

The discussion was part of a series of four discussions around many small business issues, technology being one of them.


Trojan TechGroup is an electrical and data cabling provider who also specialise in new and popular technology like CCTV and Electronic Whiteboard (eboards).


Embracing the latest technology is becoming increasingly important for small businesses. Today the technology world moves at lightning speed. Advancements come out in shorter and shorter time frames.

Put simply, it’s becoming harder for small businesses to stay on top of the latest technology.


Trojan TechGroup is pleased to share with you the third of the “Doing Small Business Better” series – the impact of technology.


Watch the video here:



This Video was featured on ZDNet – read their article on the impact of technology here

Trojan TechGroup provide data cabling and electrical solutions for progressive small businesses and medium to large enterprises.

If you’d like to speak to Troy or one of our friendly team about our latest technology, and what it can do for you… contact us today!

Alternatively, you might like to watch part two in the  “Doing Small Business Better” series – Why the customer is King

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