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Tips From Your Local Electricians: Customer Service – Doing It Right, From the Ground Up

We at Trojan TechGroup, your local electricians, believe that excellent customer service is the keystone of our entire operation; and, as all good things should be shared, we want to pass some tips onto you! A 2013 UK study revealed that 92 percent of people took their business elsewhere after receiving poor service from customer care representatives and/or other company personnel. This statistic only underscores the importance of integrating effective customer service practices in the company’s daily operations. The focus of customer care seems to be external but it definitely begins from within the organization. The following are some principles in maintaining an effective customer care program:





1. Every employee is a customer service employee
It is true; the primary people concerned with customer service are the company representatives who answer telephone calls to address client queries and resolve problems. However, if we think about it, every employee is directly or indirectly involved in the customer care efforts. Imagine a this scenario: Because a member of the maintenance crew failed to do the job of keeping the toilet clean, the help desk personnel became irritated and frustrated which affected their demeanor when dealing with clients. In another situation, a technician who deals with clients in a brash and careless manner may cause customers to move their business to the competitor. The goal of every employee in a service-oriented organization is to take care of the clientele. The involvement may be direct or indirect but the participation of all is needed nonetheless. In short, happy employees = happy customers.



2. Empowered employees lead to satisfied clients.
Customers are not always instantly irate when they have a problem. However, if their concern is not addressed immediately, efficiently and courteously, we can be assured that they will take their business elsewhere. Customer care staff and other personnel who deal directly with clients must have the proper competencies to deal with the issue on the spot. By providing employees with a challenging work environment, opportunities to develop skills and abilities, and enough independence and autonomy to do their job, we increase the likelihood of producing empowered employees who have the know-how and attitude to deal with customer concerns right away.



3. Customer care is not only determined by our employees’ attitude; it is also influenced by ours.
A positive and upbeat employee attitude is key in providing excellent customer service. Hiring employees who are willing to go the extra mile to address customer concerns will do wonders for the business. In this case, attitude supersedes aptitude. Employees who know how to do the job are useless if they are not willing to help clients. However, the proper attitude must begin from the company’s operating principles. No matter how great your employees or how upbeat their attitudes, they are always constrained by your corporate culture. If you truly value your customers and place a priority on service, then that attitude will pervade the whole organization.



4. Client loyalty is of top priority.
Keeping clients does ensure a steady flow of sales but it also achieves a more important purpose — It develops customer loyalty. Unsatisfied customers are a double-edged sword. Not only do they move their transactions to the competitor, they “spread the word” about it. They would post their messages on social media. They would talk to their friends and family about their dissatisfaction. They would be advocates against your products and services. On the other hand, satisfied clients become an effective and far-reaching extension of your marketing arm. Happy clients can primarily be created through personnel who respect and prioritize customer concerns. Once more, it roots from within the organization.



In a business environment where a majority of customers accept bad customer service as normal, “doing right” by providing excellent service builds employee attitude and customer loyalty. Although significant issues arise when dealing with customer concerns, the solution is simple: trust your employees, and treat both employees and customers with respect. Excellent customer service does not begin at the point of employee-client contact; here at Trojan TechGroup, your local electricians, we know from experience that it begins from within the organization. It begins at the core. It begins in you!

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