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How we provided Coregas with an end-to-end security solution for their site through CCTV installation! | Trojan TechGroup - CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic CablingTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

How we provided Coregas with an end-to-end security solution for their site through CCTV installation!


Coregas, part of Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety, is proud to be the la­rgest Australian-owned industrial, medical and specialty gas company – however they have a problem! Coregas’ Yennora plant is a Dangerous Goods site, due to the large amount of gas and raw materials stored on-site. As a result, Coregas has decided to significantly step up security arrangements and install a complete array of surveillance equipment across their facilities for WH&S reasons.


Problem discovery

Now, to back things up a little bit… We weren’t expecting to be conducting this job, in fact at first, we weren’t even aware of Coregas’ CCTV needs. We were in the middle of conducting a relatively straight-forward data cabling job for them, when one of our technicians happened to mention that we also offer CCTV installation.


Planning a solution

Unlike many other electrical contractors who often utilise and rely on outsourced sub-contractors for conducting projects of this nature, we are proud to say that at Trojan TechGroup, with our focus on technology, our team alone has the expertise and “in-house” knowledge to provide Coregas with a top-notch end-to-end solution. This included:

· Designing the system

· Specifying and supplying the cameras,

· Training their employees about how to operate the system effectively

In short, Coregas started out with a very basic system, but by the time we finished, they had everything they needed set in place!


Here at Trojan TechGroup, we design and plan alongside with the customer. For Coregas, we were able to utilise our accumulated expertise and experience to provide a wide array of options and drawings in order to help find a solution to their problem. We don’t set a timeframe for planning, that is far too restrictive – in fact, we never start a job until we’re absolutely sure we’ve got the right solution. In this case, the entire consulting and design process took the best part of four months.


Specific requirements for the job

By taking on this job, we were required by Coregas to meet some very specific criteria when installing the CCTV system:

· It must cover the area of a large industrial site

· It must be back-to-base compatible (i.e. capable of remote monitoring)

· It should make use of Coregas’ existing structured cabling infrastructure, using IP cameras, not analogue cameras

· It requires a mix of Fixed, Dome and PTZ cameras

· It must incorporate the new IP intercom, utilising Coregas’ corporate IP network without any separate cabling

· It must be of low impact to the existing IT infrastructure – thus when this massive system is installed, it won’t impact network speeds for other aspects of the corporate IP network

· It must be designed to be easily expandable in the future

· It should also be easy to use and operate in order to save time when upgrades or maintenance is required

· It must not interrupt their current work environment


Strategising prior to the job

During any job of this scale, there will always be the potential for a few issues that might hinder productivity. As such, it was important for our technicians to discern these issues well ahead of time and consequently plan to overcome them before the installation job began.


We knew that there would be some challenging cable runs for our technicians – but it’s nothing that they couldn’t overcome! For example, some of the cabling inside Coregas’ massive site needed to be installed up to three metres above the ground, and as a result required use of an Elevated Work Platform (also known as an EWP) and very effective traffic management (to ensure that our actions didn’t interfere with any people, vehicles or machinery). After all, it would have been highly counter-productive for us to mess with Coregas’ everyday operations!


Additionally, the large amount of heavy vehicles on-site (particularly trucks) were a potential danger to our technicians, so we had to make sure that everybody who is working on-site was well aware of their locations and movements in order to prevent any setbacks.


The benefits received by Coregas

Though the premise of this job was a desire to significantly step up security arrangements,, we can be sure that Coregas will nonetheless benefit in a number of other ways following the installation’s completion.


· By having CCTV cameras located in strategic areas, managers can be instantly alerted of any issues that occur or any dangers that become present, allowing them to take swift action to prevent harm or aid employees.

· The fact that the system will be back-to-base compatible means that the live surveillance feeds can be streamed and monitored by external parties such as a security company and/or members of the Coregas emergency response team. Therefore, should an alarm go off, the parties will be notified and the situation can observed remotely before a decision is made to dispatch an emergency services team on-site (saving everyone time and money if the “intruder” was simply a stray dog or a fallen tree branch!)


By choosing to have a CCTV system installed, your company will no doubt benefit in ways similar to Coregas (and perhaps even more). Here at Trojan TechGroup, we make tailored solutions to your problems on an individual case-by-case basis. After all (as you might have noticed) at Trojan TechGroup, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to complex systems such these.


Regardless of whether you have a desire to significantly step up security arrangements in the same way as Coregas or something completely different, give us a call today on 1300 303 506 and tell us about your situation – we’d love to have a chat and see how we can help. After all, we want to create awesome and reliable technology installation experiences that you love!