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Trojan Lead the Way in Digital Cabling Solutions | Trojan TechGroup - CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic CablingTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Trojan Lead the Way in Digital Cabling Solutions

With many Exhibitors now considering a shift to digital, Trojan TechGroup can provide Exhibitors with innovative and sustainable electrical and cabling solutions designed to support complex infrastructure needs; ensuring longevity and avoiding future network problems.


Trojan TechGroup’s experience and proven track record working within the digital cinema environment ensures distribution of content reliably, efficiently and at speed throughout your digital cinema network 24 /7.


Trojan TechGroup understands the impact downtime can have on the bottom line. To maximise business income and minimise inconvenience, Trojan can work outside of business hours and within program schedules allowing continuous operation of the cinema providing a seamless service to customers.


Trojan recognises that cinema complexes may be part of larger building structures such as shopping centres; which adds another layer of complexity for running new cabling. Trojan provides experienced electrical and cabling solutions within a variety of challenging environment.


Trojan TechGroup can also assist your business with:


  • > Copper and Fibre cabling for Data/Voice
  • > Site Audits
  • > Wireless network solutions
  • > Locating and activating phone services
  • > Installation of plasma screens and digital signage equipment
  • > General electrical and data requirements for POS, EFTPOS and kiosks at site
  • > All tested according to AS/NZS 3080
  • > Consultancy and Design by top specialists (RCDDs)


Hoyts Corporation has partnered with Trojan TechGroup for the exclusive installation of the electrical and data infrastructure to support the conversion of over 400 cinema screens to digital across Australia and New Zealand.


Trojan TechGroup are in the process of successfully installing the electrical infrastructure to support Hoyts’ new digital projectors. New Cat.6A shielded copper cabling has been installed throughout the sites to support the high speed gigabit links required for their new digital cinema network.


During the installation, Trojan TechGroup has taken responsibility for the logistics of labour and materials. This has provided Hoyts with a single point of contact, reducing administrative and management costs, while at the same time improving the speed and efficiency of installations.



These installations have resulted in remote management of all projectors and a centralised movie injection point at each complex, reducing Hoyts’ operation costs.


“Trojan TechGroup have been a partner with Hoyts Group for over a decade. Troy and his team understand exactly what’s required for implementing a successful digital cinema infrastructure. I can always count on Trojan to deliver under pressure and adapt to changing priorities or challenges in the field when they arise.”


Adam Wrightson
Executive Director & CTO
Hoyts Cinema Technology Group


About Trojan


The Trojan team are a group of EcoSmart Electricians and Communications Specialists exceeding our clients expectations with our cutting-edge electrical solutions since 1995.


By combining the latest technology with our extensive experience, we can meet your digital cinema electrical needs by offering your business proven efficieny-focussed electro-technology solutions.


We create reliable, innovative and sustainable outcomes, offering you options to reduce your energy consumption costs. Our team is abreast of the latest industry trends and updates and we continue to invest in training and education, to ensure you are offered the most appropriate electrical solutions and impartial advice.


It’s easy being Green


Sustaining the planet is a key balue and motivator of everyone at Trojan. With all our electrical work, we are committed to minising the environmental impact and advising our clients on technology solutions that not only best suit them, but are also friendly to sustaining our environment.