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Xstrata | Trojan TechGroup - CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic CablingTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling


Location: Tahmoor, Baal Bone, Ulan, West Wallsend
Completion Date: April 2010



Xstrata needed to upgrade existing cameras that they had and expand on areas that were not being covered. Only 15% of the site was originally being monitored and Xstrata wanted total control. Also their existing cameras could only record on a day to day basis.


The Trojan team went in to the various locations and replaces all the existing cameras as well as installing new cameras. The objective of the project was to have 100% coverage as well as being able to record all events. The data used would be able to store up to 2 months of data. Cat.6A cabling was also installed for surface workshop to get all the office up to scratch. Optical fibre was run to allow for communication between the different buildings.


To date, there has been increased security and reduced petty theft on cars parked outside the buildings. Communication between all departments has also improved considerably.