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CCTV Installation

The installation of a CCTV system is the perfect solution for managers who need to keep track of a large site (particularly if potential hazards are present), or offices and houses of any size! It often goes hand-in-hand with access control.


What We Do

Trojan TechGroup is a proud designer, supplier, and installer of CCTV security systems in Sydney and Australia wide. We can design and install tailored CCTV systems for just about any purpose you may have, from a single standalone camera to a complex system that monitors multiple locations.


CCTV install


Since the growth of popularity of incorporating the internet in security systems, we have seen major improvements and innovations in the world of CCTV security system technology. One of the biggest shifts that we have seen is the shift from analogue CCTV to CCTV IP cameras, which allow the recordings that the cameras capture to be sent via Ethernet to any point in the network. Over the 18 years we have been in business we have observed the evolution of CCTV systems moving towards IP, analogue solutions are still popular, but are steadily losing ground. The table below compares the main pros and cons of both types of cameras.


Choose between Analogue and IP CCTV Cameras


You Need Quality, Knowledge, and Experience

Your security system will be one of the things that you rely on in order to keep you, your family, workers and clients safe. Going to a quality CCTV system designer will ensure that you get the highest return on investment that you possibly can, that the CCTV system you buy will be of the highest quality available, and will also ensure that the system you receive will be installed quickly and correctly. You can’t risk putting your CCTV installation in the hands of the wrong people, simply because it will cost you more in the long run.


Did you know that there are now even surveillance apps available for download your smartphone, allowing you to remotely manage your CCTV camera system, view multiple cameras at one time, access recorded images, and even search through archived footage! If this technology excites you as much as it excites us, then ask us for more information when you’re booking your job!


CCTV installation

One of the Trojan TechGroup Team Installing CCTV Cameras for Dust Monitoring at a Mine.


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