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When did "service" in "service provider" become a silent word?Trojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

When did the word “service” in “service provider” become a silent word? Comparing local service to electrical services in North Sydney (Video)


I’ve just had the thorough displeasure of dealing with Luke at the local Shell Petrol Station.


Now, Luke seemed like a helpful guy initially.


He was offering me all sorts of things that I wasn’t after such as Fly Buys, 2 for 1 Mars bars, 3 for $10 Gatorades or whatever today’s offer was but where Luke fell down was when he made no attempt to help me purchase the thing I came for, the petrol, which I thought was the core product of a petrol station!


Now, I am not that naive to think they make their margin on petrol, right?

But, if you can’t provide me with a decent customer experience for your core product, why would I even consider buying your high margin upsell or even bother coming back to your business?


Back to my friend Luke.


So after Luke offers me all and sundry chocolate bars  FOR BREAKFAST- he rings up the petrol purchase and just stands there, blank, no movement, nothing, whilst I stand there with my credit card in my hand.


I now assume he wants me to do this part myself.

So, I swipe it once, doesn’t work.

I swipe it again – doesn’t work.

I show him my puzzled look.

He tells me to try the card the other way around.


I ask why he doesn’t just do it for me – after all, ( I assume), he has been trained in this operation.

He tells me he doesn’t want to touch my card.


Intrigued to say the least, I enquire why this is, as for years, this is what the service provider has done.


He says that if something happens to my card he may be held responsible or something that I didn’t quite catch due to the crazy ringing sound it made in my head as it was leaving his mouth.

This seems totally weird to me! 

I said – mate, I am an electrician in North Sydney and that’s like me coming to your place and asking YOU to do your own electrical work or your own electrical repairs because I don’t want to touch anything in case something goes wrong – I mean how ridiculous is that.


The crazy ringing in my ears at his absurd comment left me bewildered and unclear about the rest of the conversation – kinda like in a war movie after a bomb explodes next to our hero and he is totally disorientated. Suffice to say that Luke did do something with his keyboard, asked me to TAP … my card this time and then I was on my way – along with his enquiry ….. was I having a bad day?


Just adding frustration?


I tried to smile and explained to him that I WAS having a great day, right up until my encounter with HIM. He hardly lifted a finger in the whole exercise, I pumped the petrol and then I paid by myself.  His only input was to add frustration to a so called “customer service experience” and then leave me with a smart arse question. I bid him farewell, asked him to have a great day and to perhaps see if he could actually help someone today.


When was the last time you asked yourself…


  • What is YOUR customers experience REALLY like – when they deal with you?
  • Do you have a Luke hiding in your business? And…
  • How does great customer service leave you feeling?


electrical services

electrical services vs local service

NOW PLEASE – if you ever have a customer service experience with us that’s anything remotely like this (and I honestly can’t imagine you would), please, let me know.

Here’s to us making electrical services easier for you – and raising the bar for customer service experiences everywhere.


Thank you for your time!


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