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The gadgets we'll buy for sure!Trojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

The gadget we’ll buy for sure!

Recently, we wrote a blog post about managing your CCTV Camera System using surveillance apps directly from the palm of your hand. If you love technology as we do, then you should definitely read more about latest hi-tech gadget showed at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.


Smartphones are the future, now.

A lot of this year’s gadgets are created especially to be used via smartphones. Nowadays it’s all about their durability, or their ability to control other home and business devices. If you’d like to add some extra battery or memory to your phone, check out Mophie, pack case which is world’s first rechargeable battery with built-in storage.



Doorbell taken to whole new level

Ever felt angry when you missed an important package from the courier? Doorbot is a video doorbell that links with your smartphone. Using Wi-Fi, it allows you to see and talk with anyone waiting outside your door! It can also be wired to your existing doorbell, so you won’t have to charge it separately. It’s quick and easy to install and works on multiple devices anywhere in the world your smartphone gets network.



If you’re a forgetful person and you always are unsure if you have locked the door, you’ll be really happy to hear that Doorbot connects to Lockitron - a remote doorlock that can be managed by smartphone. Don’t worry if you don’t use smartphone but want to have a cool gadget like that one – Lockitron can be used through oldschool text message commands too!


Drones.. drones everywhere!

This year may belong to the drones. They have been used for a while now on the battlefields, but now it’s time for commercial drones to deliver packages to the customers. For example, Amazon is currently testing mini-drones carrying deliveries up to 2.3kg for US customers – potentially revolutionising the industry. This technology is not limited to the commercial realm however, it is also becoming more popular for personal use, drones are also allowing people to catch films and photos from the skies using drones built-in cameras!



Why not have fun while moving in the city?

One of the coolest things on showcase was Oneweel, a prototype of an electric skateboard. To be honest it could be a best-seller in our country as we Aussies love board riding almost as much as we love a good ol’ snag on the barbie!




Here at Trojan TechGroup, we are interested in the latest technological advancements. We cannot deliver you service using a remote robot yet, but we are happy to come by to your house or business and wire some new fibre optic cabling for a speedy Internet connection, install A1 eBoards to take your business presentations to a whole new level or install a brand new CCTV Camera System so you can benefit from the smartphone surveillance on-the-move.

Call our team today on 1300 303 506 and ask about services we can provide!

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