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Cable installation: All you need to know about its legalitiesTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

The rules are changing and we’re in front: everything you need to know about the new legalities of cable installation!

Need a cable installation job done? Looking for a local Registered Cabling Provider with credibility? There are currently around 65,000 registered cablers across Australia, but more than two thirds of them have only attained the bare minimum level of certifications required to legally perform the specialised work they’re charging you for! Some don’t even have the skills themselves. Find this worrying? We do and so does the industry!


cable installation


Why should I be concerned?

At the present day, technicians are only required to have completed a five-day Open Registration Training course in order to be able to install structured, optical-fibre and coaxial cabling, excluding any recognised competencies in the respective fields. While these competencies are readily available and highly recommended, they are only voluntary (and hence underrated). However, this is all changing in July 2014!


What’s changing?

The Australian and Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will be implementing these endorsements as requirements for all Registered Cabling Providers. Put simply, technicians will no longer be able to legally practice a skill they are not deemed competent in – this is a win for the customer!


installation of cable


That’s great, but what should I do before July 2014?

Make sure that you ask to see your cabler’s open registration card before undertaking a job to check that they have the relevant endorsements, if you do that, you can’t really go wrong! Here at Trojan TechGroup, we’re all skilled up for the new technology era. All of our technicians are in front of the game and have already attained their Certificate III in Telecommunications (which encompasses all three endorsements).


cable installation certificate


Unlike many other Registered Cablers out there, our technicians here at Trojan TechGroup have put in the hard yards to ensure that all customers receive top-notch service quality for every cable installation job they book! Call us on 1300 303 506 for a free quote today, we’re happy to have a chat and answer any questions you might have!


You can find out more about our data cabling services by clicking here.

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