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Ethernet network cabling categories: know the differences and reap the benefits!

Though most business owners would know that Ethernet network cabling is the backbone of any office network setup, a surprisingly large number of them would be unable to decide between two different cabling standards if given a choice. When it comes to the crunch, this obliviousness can result in uninformed purchase decisions being made based on the biased advice of sales reps, which may limit your business in the long-run both financially and technologically.


Being educated about the benefits of different category standards will ensure that you can pick the right type of cabling for your business; in doing so, you can expect better service, less setup headaches, and an overall superior experience. Augmented Category 6 (Cat.6A) Ethernet network cabling is one of the top cabling types available, being highly regarded as the best option for most small businesses in comparison to Cat.6 and Cat.5e. Here’s why you’ll love it!


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- The lifetime of Cat.6A cabling is unmatched. While many older types of network cabling may be adequate in the short-term (3 to 5 years of life for Cat.5e and 10 years for Cat.6), they provide little long-term reassurance. If you choose Cat.6A, you will be guaranteed a minimum 20 years of life and will also save on the costs of eventually upgrading from an older category!
- Less interference than ever before. If you have been dealing with slow networks due to “noise,” then you will love Cat.6A. This category of Ethernet network cabling is specifically designed to avoid crosstalk interference between cables, reducing the loss of signal strength at high frequencies.
- Speed. Obviously, data cabling will have an effect on how fast your internet goes, impacting the efficacy of your business’ operations. As Cat.6A supports 10Gigabit/second data rates for distances of up to 100 metres, you can expect a ten-fold improvement in connection speed compared to what you’d get with Cat.6 or Cat.5e.
- Designed to support the network demands of the next generation. Providing bundled cable implementations for channels up to 90 metres, Cat.6A is ideal for large-file transfers and high-end security applications. It is also capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously without any loss of efficiency.
- The price is actually pretty reasonable for what you get. It’s a higher quality that you’re buying when you invest in Cat.6A cabling, and there’s no doubt about that. With Cat.6A cabling, the prices are only 33% higher than what you would pay for standard Cat.6 or Cat.5e cabling, which comes out to about 50 cents per metre on average. Considering the benefits it offers you, that’s really not too shabby.


ethernet network cabling


Quality Ethernet network cabling really isn’t a splurge if you think about it – for the average business owner, it’s an investment that will pay off sooner than you’d think. Every moment your staff is “waiting for the computer to load” is lost productivity! Trojan TechGroup can help you set up your network at a reasonable price and ensure that you select the best category of data cabling for your business’ needs.


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