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Internal structured cabling: Its impact on your businessTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Internal structured cabling: Its impact on your business

The structured cabling in your office supports many things, but it primarily affects your phones and internal network speed, availability and reliability. Have you ever clicked on a file that you needed to access on your network and have had to wait for it to open? This problem could be caused by your internal structured cabling.


internal structured cabling


Weighing up your cabling options

Think of your cabling as a highway and your data as the motor vehicles. If your data cabling is old or has a low bandwidth capacity it’s like a 2 lane highway with potholes. If you have a lot’s of motor vehicles (information) trying to squeeze down a 2 lane highway… well we have all experienced the result. Everything slows down and some of the vehicles don’t even reach their destination.


Testing, maintaining and upgrading your cabling when required is like upgrading that highway, installing a 4 lane highway or a 50 lane German autobahn with no speed limits ensures your data can travel to its destination quickly and effectively.


What impact does poor cabling have on your business?


Monetary Cost

If you have 10 employees (with an average wage of $50,000 per year) that waste only 30 seconds per day waiting for files to open, you are wasting $546 per year in direct wage costs.


If you have 15 employees and your average wage is $60,000.00, then your cost is $937.00 – see how this number gets bigger and bigger very quickly?


If you take into account other associated costs (overheads such as super, rent, electricity, etc), you could double the numbers above.


Psychological Cost

There is nothing more annoying than having technology that is slow and doesn’t work the way that it should, especially when all businesses rely so heavily upon it.


Cost of your time (and your staffs time)

The quicker we can get things done, the better. Waiting for technology wastes time, and time is the most precious resource in business.


At Trojan TechGroup, we can discuss what type of highway would be best for the amount of vehicles in your business. We can test your existing highway and work out if you have any bottlenecks and where they are in your existing structured cabling.


When was the last time you checked your internal structured cabling?


Call Trojan TechGroup on 1300 303 506 to book your cabling health checkup today.

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