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Weather affects Cabling performance & Electrical cable installationTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Cabling performance – The impact of hot weather on your electrical cable installation

According to the Bureau of Meteorology last year was Australia’s hottest year recorded since 1910. All states and territories recorded above average temperatures and annual national temperature was +1.20 °C above average.  Climate change is a fact and we have to deal with extreme weather that will affect all aspects of our life.


Australia - annual climate statement


Look out for faulty cables!

Have you ever wondered about preparing your home and business for these changing conditions? For example, heat can affect all the cabling performance of all electrical cable installations used to connect lighting, powerpoints, stoves and air conditioners. It can cause fires and electrocution, for example when overused in hot days (cranking down the A/C to 19 °C).


Especially during long hot summers you have to make sure that your cables reach Australian safety standards.


electrical cable installation


Hot weather = slow connection?

Longer Australian heat waves can even affect your Internet connection and you may notice your cable connection dropping out. The reason for possible Internet slowdowns comes from many causes. It can be your provider’s infrastructure not adapted to the weather or you might have a problem with your network cabling.


Every time it gets hot, the cable resistance increases (resistance is an electrical property that impact data transmission copper cables like the network cables you have installed). All network cables are factory tested at 20 °C. Any extreme weather can affect poorly made  terminations and connection, which can cause you problems with connection speed.


If you want to be sure whether you have the right product in your home or business that reaches Australian standards or you want to check if hot weather affects your network connection, you need to contact a licensed electrician to check it for you.


At Trojan TechGroup we can have your electrical cable installation tested and tagged and your cabling performance checked. So if you need new cabling and want to ensure it meets Australian Standards, or if you want to have the safety or performance of your existing cabling checked call Trojan TechGroup on 1300 303 506 to book an appointment today!

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