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Energy Management

Don’t you just hate it when you get your energy bill and you almost die of shock when you look at the price? Perhaps your bill skyrocketed out of nowhere compared to previous occasions? Well, this might be because you are not aware of how to manage your home or business’s energy consumption. Managing your home or business’s energy consumption not only saves you money on your energy bills but also provides an ecological footprint to a more sustainable environment through the reduction of carbon emissions. Ask 2007 Australian of the Year Tim Flannery, an environmentalist and global warming activist, whose book ‘The Weather Makers’ outlined that ‘a failure to act on climate change may eventually force the creation of a global carbon dictatorship’. 


energy management


While energy is one of the core components of a home or business, various factors such as climate change, rising commodity prices and the exchange rate have fueled increases in energy costs and, in doing so, has led to inefficiencies associated with energy consumption that are totally uncalled for. As such, there are a variety of ways that your home or business could manage its energy consumption. These include converting your lighting to energy efficient lighting as well as setting goals on energy efficiency and implicating them on your home or business’s performance.


Energy consumption is determined by a number of variables in your home or business and therefore you must take such variables into account. These variables include:

1. Type of appliance/lighting used

2. The wattage consumption of the appliance

3. Your home or business’s size


However, with the day and age technology that we are happily enjoying, your home or business’s energy consumption may be managed without you doing that much. Timers and sensors for all electronic equipment and lighting are available, so they automatically turn on and off when they are required.


management of energy


Trojan TechGroup, as one of Australia’s eco-smart electricians, knows that energy consumption in your home or business is a vital entity. Let us come and visit your site today so we can discuss how you can save energy and save the environment at the same time. There is even a government rebate at the moment to install energy efficient lighting which will lower your energy consumption, so there is no better time to act to start reducing your energy consumption.