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Few words about Earth Hour...Trojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Do you really think Earth Hour is working as it was intended?

I’m here today on Earth Hour to ask you a question. Do you really think Earth Hour is working as it was intended? 

Prefer to read?? Here’s what I think about Earth Hour…
I believe Earth Hour should be about preserving the planet. I’m a little bit of a fan of the planet, I need to live here and so I think we should look after environment that surrounds us and the animals that live in our environment.


I really don’t think that Earth Hour is doing that. I really don’t think carbon tax is helping that. I think what happens is people get on a high horse for an hour once a year and that’s not really making any impact. I think what we need to do is consider how we make this impact everyday and get the part of our consciousness and a part of our actions and a part of what we do on a regular basis.


For example, the building that we are in, sent out a flyer or they tried to engage people to do something for earth hour one hour per year at 8 o’clock when no one is in the building. The rest of the year they seem to do nothing about energy consumption or reducing their contribution to the rape and pillage of natural resources which is killing animals and destroying the environment. If we reduce the power consumption in the building every day then we’d probably have more impact. Let me give you an example of what I mean…..


In the bathroom in our building, the toilet lights are on 24 hours a day, when they could be turned off. They’re on. Permanently. Something as a simple switch, timer or a sensor could easily rectify and save all that money burning 24/7.

Now another example…. The foyer of our building.

Here we are coming in the foyer, all nicely lit up on saturday’s afternoon, when outside it is still quite light. And this foyer has just been renovated so I don’t understand why they could not have included a simple sensor or timer during renovations. The point is, there’s really no need to have all these lights on burning 24 hours a day when a sensor or timer would have rectified this and saved power every weekend of the year.


One more example….

We have a paper recycling bin for our building. Now, 9 times out of 10 that bin is full of everything including paper and cardboard and everything else from broken printers through to scrap metal. This bins have often fluorescent tubes, there’s scrap metal, old furniture and old computer parts and there’s no facility for recycling metal, cans, bottles etc. Now, this frustrates me a little bit. So, we’ve got our own recycling, we’ve got our own recycling bin that we pay for ourselves for bottles and cans etc. This is because the building people – even though they talk about Earth Hour and doing something for the environment, supposedly, they don’t have facility to recycle these things. So we do it ourselves.


We have a bin  for cans, bottles, containers that we pay for ourselves, because we think is a right thing to do. We have our paper recycling bin we have our fluorescent tubes recycled, our lamps we’ll return, our scrap metal to be returned. We also keep our scrap cable which we return to recycle and our e-waste is stored and disposed on e-waste drop-off day.


I guess my point is, Earth Hour has great intentions. Some people have tried to do something better for the planet and certainly have brought us to a greater awareness, but at nuts and bolts level, I really think a lot of people are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Our building manager is a full example and they probably are not the only ones that could do something far better, the renovation they have just done in the foyer – they’ve just spent a bucket load of money and they could have put sensors or timers so those lights would be off all year round. Instead of just trying make the place look pretty and talking about Earth Hour, they could have actually done something about it. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones.


Let me know, do you agree with me? Do you disagree? What do you think people could do? Do we need to petition our building managers, let them know and then force them to take some action? The return on investment? You can work it out easily, from our electrical point of view, on your lightning, sensors, timers, and you see the cost reduction and actually calculate in advance and work out how long is going to take before you get your return on investment. Many times is under 12 months. I don’t really think that is really an excuse, if we want to talk about Earth Hour more than just lip service, we can actually do something about it.


Have a good weekend, talk to you soon!

Troy Eggins

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