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Fire & Intruder Alarms

In recent times, fires and trespassing has been major issues for Australian homes and businesses with endless stories of both issues making headlines on the news. It is clear that the general public is doing all it can to prevent you from being a victim/statistic. You could however protect yourself from both, before they strike. Consider this:


Fire in the hole

In Australia each year, more than 50 people die from fires. It is through fire alarms that Australians prevent their lives and property from being destroyed from the destructive force of fires. Through the detection of smoke, your alarm emits a warning noise aimed at telling you that a fire is coming and giving you sufficient time to do whatever it takes to extinguish it or prevent it from starting. However, it is important to not only install but maintain fire alarms at all times.  Recent studies have shown that fire alarms may react very slow even when a fire is present, if the battery is low. An example of this is the Matt Golinski case where he was the lone survivor of a fire that viciously killed his family and seriously burnt him.


fire alarms


Fire alarms also have a limited  life and therefore new ones have to be installed on a regular basis. Also, the type of premises that you are in determine the power supply and location of your fire alarm.

All of this combined is why it’s important to hire a licensed electrician to fit your fire alarm. Trojan TechGroup can help you decide which fire alarm system is best for your business.


Beware, intruder alert

Sensors, door and window devices: innovative products used to protect your home or business from thugs committing petty crimes as well as providing a safer environment for your property’s occupants. Do you ever imagine what could be happening to your premises when you are not there? Well, intruder alarms would provide you with top notch surveillance and protection on a 24/7 basis.


intruder alarms


On the whole, intruder alarms come in many forms whether through access control, CCTV or alarm mode but you can be sure, no matter what alarm you get, you will be better protected than you would if you had nothing. Alarms also give you a discount on some insurance policies, an added benefit. Studies have shown that, in the Sydney region, someone breaks into a house, every five minutes.


Trojan TechGroup recognizes the importance of fire and intruder protection and therefore we do everything we can to secure your home or business from the dangers of fire and intruders. Our technicians will ensure that the installation of your alarms are top notch and provide ongoing, complete security to your premises in the short and long term.


Please contact Trojan TechGroup on 1300 303 506 for all your fire and intruder alarm needs, or contact us here.