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General Power

From a simple circuit wire to the smartest computer out there. This is what the world of electronics and electricity is all about. Electricity, in general, is a worldwide phenomenon used in a number of applications, from installing a lightbulb through to  calling someone with your mobile phone.


At Trojan TechGroup, we provide a variety of general electrical services to both residential and commercial clients. These include:


Power Points

Given that the type of power point is set via national standards, it is important that you know what kind of power point you are using. There are around 22 types of power points out there varying in convenience and safety. With our expertise, Trojan TechGroup will determine which type of power point work best for your home or business. We are also able to move the location of your power points according to your preferences and install a new one if desired.



Trojan TechGroup is an expert specialist in lighting services and will go the extra mile so that you can enjoy the radiance associated with your lighting. From normal to energy efficient lighting, we will go the extra mile with your lighting and we take into account a sustainable Australian environment. We do this by recycling all replaced light globes so that they don’t go into landfill. For your own convenience, we can also assist with dividing your lighting so that separate switches turn on separate lights in the same room or office.

Did you know that your choice of commercial lighting could even be impacting on your employees’ day-to-day moods? We’ve written a blog post about it here!


General safety check

As many of you know, electricity, when not properly controlled or utilised, can lead to major dangers such as electrocution and burns. It is always important for you to take extreme caution that when approaching electricity at any level of voltage. Trojan TechGroup understands how dangerous electricity can be. We offer general safety checks, including checking your swithcboard, power outlets and appliances in your home or business to ensure that it is free from electrical danger and therefore a safer environment.


Want to get us involved in your electrical services matters? Then simply call us on 1300 303 506 or contact us here.