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Heating & Ventilation

Ah, the good old heater and its transformation from being simply wood in a fire oven to the modern inducted heating systems. Heating in Australia has truly come a long way and energy consumption on heating has become a significant need for households and businesses especially during the winter. Australia is one of the most unique countries in the world and prone to extreme seasonal variations. As such, ventilation has played a key part in determining the living environment of many Australian properties with an average 38% of energy being consumed on heating and cooling in Australian homes. As a result, the benefits that heating and ventilation has for you are endless and should be explored.


Stop the cold from creeping in

Heating, at its simplest, provides your home or business a warm and cosy environment from which comfort is present. However, comfort associated with heating could lead to massive power bill rises depending on a variety of factors such as insulation. Origin Energy Australia state that the temperature for your heating should be set around the 18-20 degree mark with each degree above the range impending an additional 5-10% on your heating bills. Trojan TechGroup, as one of Australia’s eco smart electricians, understands the different heating systems and what impact they will have on your power bill. With a thorough understanding of the difference in quality and energy efficiency, Trojan TechGroup can provide you with assistance and expert advice so you choose the heating system that is best for your needs.


commercial heating



Things to consider when having heating installed

When installing any kind of heating or ventilation system, you should always consider the demands of your home or business in regards to your living space. For example, a larger living space’s could be labelled as comfortable with a marginally lower ambient air temperature. Trojan TechGroup takes into account such demands and will install heating systems with respect to your home or business requirements.




Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing heating, or install a whole new heating system, Trojan TechGroup can help.

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