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Lamps, mid range lighting, picture lighting are some of the multiple lighting options that your home or business could have today. It is through lighting that your interior space transforms from simply boring and dull to interesting and exciting. For any lighting installations, it would be wise for you to contact a qualified electrician. This is because your business could be liable if someone injures themselves when trying to install or change lighting themselves.




Here at Trojan TechGroup, we understand that you may want to spice up your premises with a zing of lighting. Through our high quality lighting installations, we will ensure that your home or business will be filled with interest and excitement. We have very experienced technicians that will work with you through the design and installation stages to ensure you get the results you are after.


We also work with Green Energy Traders, so businesses can take advantage of installing energy efficient lighting with a government rebate. You could save up to 70% on your energy efficient lighting install.


Call the friendly Trojan TechGroup team on 1300 303 506 to discuss your lighting needs, today.