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Effects of Different Commercial LightingTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Effects of Different Commercial Lighting on Your Mood: Fascinating Findings from Master Electricians

People are often shocked to find out how much of a difference your environment can make on your mood. So far, there has been proof of the fact that things like sounds and even the colours of the walls that you are surrounded by can seriously improve your mood or kill your happiness. Now, more master electricians are starting to take note of the effects of different commercial lighting on customers’ moods simply because people are overhauling lighting in both their homes and businesses. Research at Salk Institute and OhioUniversity has managed to back up the observations of master electricians with science, even to the point of pinpointing a variety of different effects that commercial lighting can have.


Research has shown…

Blue light tends to have a bad effect on people’s moods. In fact, it’s why many offices that had fluorescent lights (which often have a bluish hue) hire master electricians to replace their lighting fixtures these days. The reason why is because peoples’ eyes are naturally sensitive to blue lights, and when exposed to bluish or white-hued light during the night, people tend to develop depressive symptoms.


Red Feels Good

Master electricians also found that the most common lighting colour that they are asked to install in “feel good” venues like clubs and restaurants tends to be red. According to research from the Salk Institute, this actually makes sense. Peoples’ eyes tend to react well to red light, and out of all of the colours that could be used for commercial lighting at night, red has the least depression-prone effects. Scientists actually are now beginning to suggest buying nightlights with red hues instead of blue or white colours simply because it could be better for us psychologically.


commercial lighting


We can help with Lighting

People who are looking to improve the general mood in their home, along with their home’s electrical bill, would be wise to consult with Trojan TechGroup’s master electricians about how they can get the best lighting for their homes, and how they can reduce the amount of money they spend on electricity.  You may recall that we wrote an article about a light that changes colour with a simple app on your mobile phone. This would be an excellent option if you wanted to install mood lighting. With some sound advice from the Trojan TechGroup team, and a little twist using your own personal taste in décor, you’ll likely be amazed at what you will see when you turn on the light.


The research appears in the 7 August 2013 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.


For more information about the effects of different commercial lighting on your mood, please contact Trojan TechGroup on 1300 303 506.

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