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Energy Efficient lighting that saves you thousandsTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Energy Efficient lighting that saves you thousands

“Energy efficiency” is a well-used phrase at the moment. We see the stickers on our appliances and it’s widely discussed in the news at the moment, in relation to climate change. But what does it mean when it is applied to lighting?


Energy Efficient Lighting

Corporate and Residential consumers alike can lower energy consumption by adopting energy efficient lighting. The most energy efficient lighting on the market at the moment, is LED lighting. Replacing incandescent lighting and/or fluorescent lighting with LED’s can save up to 65 percent energy meaning you could save you thousands of dollars a year off your power bill.  It will also alleviate the financial burden caused by increasing energy costs, and it’s a wonderful thing to do for the environment.


energy efficient lighting



How to get your energy efficient lighting installed

Choose ecosmart electricians for your commercial lighting requirements because these licensed electrical contractors have been trained and certified in energy efficiency practices. These include eco-friendly technologies, products and installation. They will certainly help businesses to reduce power consumption, assist in environmental promotion and save a great deal of money.


Other Benefits of LED lighting

LED’s not only reduce your electricity bills, they also do not contain unsafe substances such as mercury and lead. Some business owners prefer these LED products for their commercial lighting because it reduced the ultraviolet rays that are believed to cause radiation and adversely affect furniture pieces. LED lighting also comes in various colors and shapes. If you read our article on how different coloured commercial lighting can affect your mood, you’ll soon see why this is a benefit.

Experts in the power consumption industry predict that incandescent lighting will eventually be completely replaced by energy efficient lighting that can save money and save the environment. The unique LED lighting technology has progressed extensively and it’s a very easy way to save money. Therefore, it makes logical sense for all businesses to consider adopting energy efficiency for their commercial lighting.


energy efficient commercial lighting


Talk to Trojan TechGroup, your EcoSmart Electricians about the Government Rebates on Energy Efficient lighting and let us help you work out an effective energy management scheme.

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