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Is it time to test and tag equipment?Trojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Is it time to test and tag equipment? Because there’s nothing foolproof about electricity!

We’re sure that you’re aware of the inevitable number of electrical hazards present in any workplace, especially so for companies specialising in construction, factory work, shipping, and warehouse storage… but how many of them regularly test and tag their equipment?


While safety is always apparently on the forefront of any supervisor’s mind, people still often forget about the small things – that just one single frayed wire can lead to a fire, electrocution, or costly equipment malfunction. Furthermore, we bet that if you asked any business owner about the WH&S legalities regarding the testing and tagging of equipment, you’d likely be greeted with a mumble of uncertainty.


test and tag equipment


In Australia, legislation requires all electrical items designed for connection by a flexible supply cord and plug rated to 240v or 415v volt power to be inspected, tested and tagged at regular intervals:


- Appliances within hostile operating environments (such as construction sites, manufacturing plants and commercial kitchens) are required to have either yearly, half-yearly or quarterly checkups due to the likelihood that they will be subjected to regular damage in their day-to-day use

- Appliances within more passive environments (such as offices) are deemed to be of lower risk and  thus only require a test and tag service every few years


As it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their products for first-time-use, there is no legal requirement for any brand new electrical equipment to be tested and tagged per se. However, it is still recommended that business owners arrange for an inspection to check for any damage incurred during shipping and to fit a tag marking the date the appliance went into service (for future reference).


equipment that test and tag

Many companies will try and do the right thing, but if they are not aware of the specific tag and test intervals, they could be subjected to some nasty legal consequences should anything go wrong. Here at Trojan TechGroup, we can help you with these WH&S requirements – our trained technicians can test and tag equipment as a standalone service or incorporate it as part of a larger job.


You have everything to gain, and very little to lose by taking that extra step to keep your office (or warehouse) and employees safe. So before the year ends, why not tie up any loose ends? Call us today on 1300 303 506 for a free quote.

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