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Here at Trojan TechGroup in Sydney we believe that investment in continued electrical maintenance will save your business time and money in the future. From maintenance electrical contracts to Tag and Test reminders, we are dedicated to helping you maintain your systems that are at the core of your business. All of our Sydney electricians have been rigorously trained and screened to ensure that you have a positive experience with us and receive top-notch customer service.


In addition to solving obvious problems such as faulty lighting, we can also undertake preventive maintenance through periodic assessments so that any minor electrical faults in your premises are rectified before they turn into something more serious.


Electrical Maintenance Technician


Furthermore, as you would probably know, legislation requires all electrical items designed for connection by a flexible supply cord and plug rated to 240v or 415v volt power to be inspected, tested and tagged at regular intervals (depending on whether they are situated in a hostile or passive work environment). If you need some general maintenance done, and you know that it’s almost time to re-tag your equipment, why not combine the two? Our electricians can tack testing-and-tagging onto the back of any job, or do it as a standalone service.


As a fully licensed and insured contractor with eighteen years of hands-on experience, Trojan TechGroup strives to ensure the safety of its workers at all times (never permitting work on live sites) – at the same time ensuring optimal care for you and your business! In contrast to many tradesmen who mindlessly follow standardised procedures for every job, our team is constantly engaged in solving your problem in a safe, efficient and intuitive manner, and will communicate with you every step of the way


Give us a call today on 1300 303 506 to discuss your needs… Or click on one of the buttons below to grab a quote, request a service, or to simply find out more information regarding our maintenance services!