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Is Smoke Alarm Installation Essential for Your Business? The Recent Bushfire Catastrophe in Sydney Raises Widespread Concern about Fire Safety

Many people forget how important smoke alarm installation is when it comes to protecting your home or your business from fire, until it is too late. The recent catastrophes in Blacktown and Dural (shown in the picture below) are good examples of the dangers we all face in these dry months! Fire safety is becoming an increasingly pressing issue and we at Trojan TechGroup ask: what are you doing about it?


Many people don’t realise that a fire alarm is often the only thing that will save them should a fire spark during the night when they sleep, or that the having right fire alarms installed could also protect businesses from loss that otherwise, wouldn’t be covered by insurance. The sooner you become aware that a fire is burning, the sooner you can rush your family or employees to safety and call for help!


fire safety


Here are some important fire safety tips that should be brought to light after the Sydney fires:

-It’s crucial that you install smoke alarms that are able to detect fires before they become too big to handle, and really, most buildings can benefit from a new fire alarm installation. We suggest getting photoelectric smoke alarms that are able to notice slow building fires before they become major problems. Ionic fire alarm installations, on the other hand, focus on fast growing fires.


- Don’t overload electrical outlets. It’s one of the most common reasons for fires to start. It’s also important to turn off electronic devices when they are not in use for the same reason.


- Never leave a flame unattended, and douse out matches before you toss them in the trash. Fires can reignite up to 12 hours after they have been put out. Make sure that they can’t reignite by blocking air from reaching candles that are not currently burning, and dipping matches in water before you toss them out.


- Keep a fire extinguisher in your company’s break room or kitchen. It’s the most common place for fires to start.


- Test your fire alarms regularly, and make sure they are maintained properly. A fire alarm will only save lives if it actually is in working order. If it’s not working properly, make sure that you call a fire safety unit to install a new fire alarm for you.


- If your company does not maintain certain fire safety standards, it can be a reason for your building to get forcibly shut down, or for your employees to sue you if a fire harms someone in the building. You owe it to your employees to keep a safe workplace.


smoke alarm installation


Trojan TechGroup offers smoke alarm installation for your business at very reasonable prices. Click here to find out more about our fire and intruder alarm services. Call us on 1300 303 506 to get a free quote today!


Wondering what other services we offer? Find out here!

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