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Ulan AV Case Study | Trojan TechGroup - CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic CablingTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Ulan AV Case Study

When Ulan Coal in the Central West of NSW wanted an audio-visual solution in their staff Muster Room, they had harsh environmental challenges, and very specific needs.


Remote location, harsh environment
The remote location, fine coal dust and the need for safety information to be clearly understood by groups of a hundred or more required extensive planning, technical expertise and non-negotiable reliability.


Ulan Coal had worked with Trojan TechGroup for over five years so they were comfortable with our customer service levels and respected our abilities.


Specific issues to overcome
The Muster Room was essentially a shed, built for safety meetings, presentations and as a staff meeting/information point. It’s a large room, built to hold 100 people and it had issues right from the start. Speakers couldn’t be heard down the back of the room, equipment failed in the hot, dusty conditions, and information didn’t get through to meeting attendees.


Our engineers and techs worked with Ulan Coal to first understand the issues, then work out the best solutions that could deliver the following benefits:
• audible to all
• visible to all
• dirt and dust resistant
• cater to different sized presentations
• user-friendly system for the non-technical user
• easy maintenance
• adapt to future audio-visual needs without costly restructuring


Trojan TechGroup created a flexible, user-friendly design for an extensive audio visual setup that will serve the 900+ employees of Ulan Coal now, and into the future.


A flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective solution
The design consisted of a PA system with two microphones that were integrated to an amplifier and fed to 4 speakers. The speakers were strategically placed around the room to ensure that even at capacity, everyone could hear the presenter. There was now no need for shouting and the safety of the workers would not be compromised, as everyone could hear.


Planning was the key
To replace paper handouts containing safety information, two projectors and two motorised screens were installed. The screens could fold away when they were not in use, to ensure they were kept dust free. Everyone needed to see the information, so Trojan TechGroup supplied and installed 80” screens that were recommended and agreed upon during the planning stage. The screens conveyed the information effectively and prevented paper waste.


A 50”screen was placed in front of the presenter so they could see what was being displayed without distractingly turning away from the audience. This created a professional and efficient setup.


Non-tech technical solution!
Two touch screens were installed, one to access the Material Safety Data Sheets, which could be selected and printed and one for staff to use to access the intranet and put in leave requests etc. The touchscreens were recommended because they were easily cleaned, resistant to dirt and dust and could be operated by less tech-savvy workers, resulting in significant time-savings.


Five other 50” screens were placed around the room to be used for displaying productivity information, status of plant equipment and conveyer belts, safety messages and reminders, such as Daylight Savings changeover (crucial to shift workers, for example).


Genuine benefits, excellent outcome
Ulan Coal were appreciative of the many benefits the Trojan TechGroup delivered, such as:
• high-level expertise from previous jobs (the Trojan team knew what would work in the environment)
• flexible, customer-focussed approach (it was a hassle-free install)
• thorough and meticulous planning, installation and after-sales help (beyond what was requested)
• a cost-conscious approach that didn’t seek to load variations on
• timely install in customer-focussed hours


What Ulan got out of the new system
• up-to-the-minute information accessible by all
• centralised information source
• ‘one click’ technology that everyone can use
• up to 100 people can hear and see vital safety information with clarity
• presentations from different software sources are now easy and trouble-free


All in all, a job well done!