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Crisis Prevention 101: How Uninterruptible Power Supply InstallationTrojan TechGroup – CCTV Installation | Data Cabling | Fibre Optic Cabling

Crisis Prevention 101: How Uninterruptible Power Supply Installation Could Help You and Your Business!

In the current day and age, both small and large corporations alike rely almost entirely on the use of technology and electric power to sustain their day-to-day operations. Corporate managers realise the negative effects of voltage oscillation and power outages on personal computers and other sophisticated machines. This underscores the pressing need for the acquisition of emergency backup power. Imagine the potential catastrophe that a severe power outage could cause a business if some effective precautionary measures were not put in place. Many businesses that once felt safe with a secondary (or reserve) generator are now favouring uninterruptible power supply installation (or UPS) due to its increased responsiveness and instantaneous activation (which minimises the potential for data losses or corruptions).


uninterruptible power supply installation



The UPS addresses problems of high and low voltage fluctuations as well as sudden flow of power. The UPS configuration has a series of outlet connections which generally affords protection against unexpected power stream. It can also serve as back-up battery for PC units. Thus, business managers should identify their specific requirements prior to scheduling uninterruptible power supply installation.


You can find different UPS systems in the technology market. The protection may vary from one minute to 12 hours or more depending on the available budget and your specific requirements. Nearly all models come with an alarm system which guides users to find out the termination of their power sources. This power supply contains a built-in inverter that will regulate power flow which your machine can endure. The bottom line is to acquire a UPS to protect your IT equipment from impairment. The uninterruptible power supply installation can secure your state-of-the-art machines from data loss even with complete shortfall of power input.


On the other hand, emergency backup power like generators is as important as the UPS. These are systems that have been installed along with an automatic transfer switch that can detect impermanent loss of electricity and supply business facilities with power until the utility concerned has the capability to bring back service. Generators are shut off without human intervention as soon as electricity is restored.


installation of uninterruptible power supply



Emergency backup power is deemed most critical for business establishments, retail outlets, industrial facilities, and various critical situations. For example, this backup power source can provide electricity for restaurants, and supermarkets thereby preventing massive spoilage of food supplies. This is indicative of the importance of UPS and power generators. Thus, it all depends on the decision of business proprietors and management teams to procure these indispensable systems for their offices or warehouses.


Is your business prepared for the inevitable? Trojan TechGroup offers uninterruptible power supply installation at reasonable prices! Find out how we can help safeguard your business with an effective emergency power supply, call us today on 1300 303 506 for a free quote!

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